Video: Rob Gronkowski Calls Tim Tebow Starting Quarterback For Jets

By Riley Schmitt

Rob Gronkowski and Darrelle Revis played a little bit of rapid fire on Wednesday. The New England Patriots tight end and the New York Jets cornerback went back and forth, with some great results. Revis called Gronkowski’s coach a “jerk”, which led to Gronk coming up with a perfect response.

Tim Tebow’s name came up.  When it was Gronk’s turn to respond, he called Tebow the “starting quarterback for the Jets.”  This prompted some laughter from off the set and from audiences everywhere.  That is a perfect way to take a dig at your rival.

There is no love lost between the two teams.  Undermining Mark Sanchez before Tebow can even be settled into New York is a great strategy by Gronk.  In fact, he definitely took Revis to the woodshed in rapid fire.  Calling people jerks is one thing, but having your backup quarterback proclaimed your starter takes on a whole new meaning.

Props to Gronk on that.  He’s a little bit goofy at times, but lines like that will certainly will him more fans down the road.

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