Deion Sanders Bashes New Orleans Saints for "Ignorant" Bountygate Scandal

By Jeric Griffin

Dallas Cowboys Hall of Fame cornerback Deion Sanders is the latest former NFL great to weigh in on the New Orleans Saints recent Bountygate scandal. During the Ben & Skin Show on 103.3 ESPN Thursday morning, Sanders not only bashed the Saints for their “ignorance,” but commended NFL commissioner Roger Goodell on his handling of the situation.

“I love commissioner Roger Goodell and I consider him a friend,” Sanders said. “A lot of the players say he’s too harsh when it comes to them so why wouldn’t he be just as harsh when it comes to something as ignorant as putting a bounty on players. I love it. He does his homework, he does his research, he dots his “i’s” and crosses his “t’s” and he sanctions it and he did a great job. I love it. We can’t have that absurdity in our game and I’m sure that we will never have it again.”

It’s nice to finally hear a great player come out and absolutely give the Saints a verbal thrashing for this bounty scandal. Sanders was once a bounty victim, so obviously he’s a little biased about this topic, but he hit the nail on the head.

Goodell suspended Saints head coach Sean Payton for the entire 2012 season and while his sentence might be considered harsh by some, it’s appropriate because it sends a clear message to the rest of the league, as Sanders pointed out. Sanders went on to say the Saints will be fine and “it’s not like Payton won’t be involved in their game plan. He has a cell phone, right?” They’ll survive. The punishment is justified.

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