Detroit Lions Should Trade For Asante Samuel

By Greg Bolotin

The Detroit Lions should trade for Philadelphia Eagles All-Pro cornerback Asante Samuel. This trade would be smart because the Detroit Lions passing secondary was torched by opponents in 2011. Bringing in veteran such as Asante Samuel will help fill the void left by cornerback Eric Wright, who signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Asante Samuel was voted to the NFL Pro Bowl four times in row from 2007 to 2010 and has two Super Bowl rings from his days with the New England Patriots. He Would give the Detroit Lions passing secondary a much needed boost going into the 2012 season.

If the Detroit Lions do indeed trade for Asante Samuel, they will definitely need to still think about drafting players that will help improve their passing secondary.  Having a veteran such as Asante Samuels on the Detroit Lions, who has been to the top of the mountain in the NFL . Asante Samuel great knowledge and experience to mentor players the Detroit Lions will draft and be able to give advice on how to improve their play on the football field

Even though Asante Samuel is 31 years old, he still has years left in his body to play the cornerback position at a high level. The Detroit Lions have high expectations going into the 2012 NFL season. To give themselves the chance to play to those high expectations. The Detroit Lions will need to improve their passing secondary issues first and foremost. Trading for Asante Samuel would be a move in the right direction.

The Detroit Lions have a very talented nucleus of players that believes they can play and beat the elite teams in the NFL. If the Detroit Lions can pull off the trade to bring Asante Samuel in and use the 2012 NFL Draft to help solidify the rest of their passing secondary. The Detroit Lions will have will have a much improved passing secondary defense, to go along with their very talent defensive front-line. Add that with their high powered offense the sky is the limit for these Detroit Lions. The Detroit Lions have high expectations because they believe they will be contending for the Super Bowl in 2012 and for seasons to come.

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