Donovan McNabb: RG3 Bad Fit For Washington Redskins? Get Over Yourself

By Ricky Allen

Donovan McNabb has finally done it. He’s turned salty.

In the midst of one of the best offseasons for the Washington Redskins, McNabb draws his line in the sand with bitterness, and maybe regret. I can remember when the announcement was made he was coming to the Redskins. I can recall how the Virginian-Pilot wrote the big feature on him. I remember how the TV Stations were doing promotions about him you’d only see in the WWE.

Then the season started, and we were all a little perplexed.

While with the Redskins, McNabb’s QB Rating dropped horribly into the upper 70’s, a far cry from his Eagles days (stats).  He had 15 interceptions, 10 fumbles, and was eventually benched.  The man we all had hoped would “lead us to the promise land” had become nothing more than just another old, slow, overhyped veteran bought by the wiles of Dan Snyder.

Then he goes to the Minnesota Vikings, and we’re confirmed: His failures weren’t the Redskins fault, it was all him. Minnesota became the variable to prove that.

So when he was speaking recently on ESPN’s “First Take”, his words on how he was “misused” are interesting. Donovan McNabb is a quarterback-The only way he’s getting misused is if you feel that they are not playing to the beat of your drum. He didn’t get moved to fullback or running back: That’s being misused. The problem with McNabb was he couldn’t adjust to Redskins football. He didn’t realize how much work  he would need to do to succeed. He didn’t realize he was coming to a team that had more coaching/quarterback troubles than maybe he’d dealt with in his career.

I had always wondered what Donovan McNabb thought about RG3.  Rex Grossman took the news better, but then again, I think he’s a realist. McNabb on the other hand, may be…dare I say..jealous? Below is the quote via Yahoo! Shutdown Corner taken from ESPN’s “First Take”

“No, I say that because a lot of the time ego gets too involved with when you’re playing in Washington. Here’s a guy who’s coming out who’s very talented, mobile, strong arm, we’ve already heard he’s a very intelligent football mind. Are you going to cater the offense around his talent and what he’s able to do or are you going to bring the Houston offense with Matt Schaub over to him and have him be embedded in that whole thing.” -Donovan McNabb on RG3

His career, as a Redskin, had been a flop. Just as I said before, he wanted the Shanahans to design their offense around him. He didn’t get that. Maybe they saw that he wasn’t the guy to do that with. They may have realized that he wasn’t worth the work.

I think the only ego that got too involved was his.  But wait, there’s more! Here were his thoughts on the Shanahans:

“We’re talking about Mike Shanahan and the things he was able to do in Denver. Well, I have a couple of names for you that Mike Shanahan — quarterbacks he’s coached — and the lack of success that he’s had. We had John Beck, who was 0-4. Rex Grossman, who was 6-11. Jay Cutler, who was prized possession, 17-20. [Skip Bayless, off camera: “Wow.” The “wow” is what makes you know the point is salient.] Jake Plummer, a guy who had success — led them to the AFC Championship against Pittsburgh, as we know*, and then benched him the next year because he wouldn’t do what you wanted him to do, pretty much. Brian Griese, who was supposed to be the heir apparent to John Elway and hasn’t had a lot of success.”

Here are two different vantage points:  One man is starting his career, the other, wondering where it went. McNabb will always be salty towards the Redskins, which makes his words irrelevant. He’ll be seen as envious if they go to the playoffs, out of touch if Griffin fits perfectly with the Shanahan offensive scheme, and a fool when it comes to his forecasting of players’ futures.

Donovan McNabb, get over yourself.



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