VID: Trent Richardson Dominates Cleveland Browns Coach During Pro Day

By Riley Schmitt

Alabama running back Trent Richardson is a freak of nature.  The strength he has is almost unmatched.  Thursday was Alabama’s pro day and Richardson put on a show for coaches.  During one drill, Cleveland Browns running back coach Gary Brown was destroyed by Richardson during a blocking drill.

Brown is not a small guy and Richardson dumped him like a bad habit.  They say don’t pick running backs in the first round, but I think Richardson should be the exception.  He is a freak who is going to dominate the league as long as he stays healthy.

Feats of strength are commonplace for Richardson.  He has no fear and is a perfect runner to throw between the tackles.  He is also capable of catching passes out of the backfield.  He’s the perfect running back.

I would be shocked if the Browns don’t consider taking Richardson with their first pick.  After this show of strength, I’m sure Brown can’t wait to have Richardson.  Maybe he could get a little bit of revenge against him.

Thanks to SB Nation for the video.

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