Complete List of Vikings 10 Picks in 2012 NFL Draft

By Andrew Fisher

The Minnesota Vikings have a multitude of options in the upcoming NFL Draft. They hold 10 picks, which is the second most in franchise history. Here’s a look at their position in each round:

1st round – 3rd pick – 3rd overall

2nd round – 3rd pick – 35th overall

3rd round – 3rd pick – 66th overall

4th round – 3rd pick – 98th overall

4th round – 33rd pick – 128th overall (Compensatory)

4th round – 39th pick – 134th overall (Compensatory)

5th round – 3rd pick – 138th overall

6th round – 5th pick – 175th overall (from Cleveland Browns)

7th round – 3rd pick – 210th overall

7th round – 16th pick – 223rd overall (from Philadelphia Eagles)

The notable things here are that 6 of the 10 picks come in the first four rounds, and that the two compensatory picks that were awarded from the NFL earlier this week, cannot be traded.

I expect the Vikings to trade at least one of these picks. Going into the draft they could only have been planning on 8 total picks, so when the NFL gave them the gift of 2 more, you’d have to figure a few trade scenarios developed.

Could you draft and keep all 10? Sure, but there has to more long-term gain by wheeling and dealing one or two. I don’t see the Vikings trading away any of the first three picks, but their first 4th round spot at No. 98 overall, could be an attractive spot in the middle rounds.

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