Don't Look for the Bears to Re-Sign Amobi Okoye

By Chris Wickersham

If you want the Chicago Bears to address the defensive line, it may be hard for the Bears to do so. As the Bears have limited cap space now with signing of all the players whom specialize in special teams, the big-time receiver in Brandon Marshall and re-signing their own players. According to a source, the Bears only have about 3.5 million left in cap space. Most of the space left, if not all will be used for players the Bears draft. So … Amobi Okoye will have to take a huge discount to stay with the Bears and the possibility of that happening is very low. Okoye has had good interest in him and could get a nice contract elsewhere. Maybe he hasn’t received that offer yet and the reason he’s still on the open market. Okoye last visited with the Cincinnati Bengals and that wasn’t too long ago. He may just wait until the draft ends and a team that did not get a reliable defensive lineman could make a play for him. I could see that happening and that could be very beneficial.

Okoye is still young as he’s only 24 and has a lot more games in him to offer to teams. Okoye came over from the Houston Texans after being released after 4 seasons. It seemed like Okoye needed a new environment after he put up nice stats in 2011 for the Bears. In 2011, Okoye had 27 tackles and 4 sacks in all 16 games (1 start).

The Bears are way more likely to draft a defensive lineman in rounds 1-3 than sign or trade for one. They just don’t have the cap space to pick up a DL away from the draft.

Okoye helped the Bears in 2011 and I wish him the best where ever he decides to sign.

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