New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton To Appeal Suspension Today

By Alejandro Aviles

New Orleans Saints head coach, Sean Payton, plans on appealing his 1-year suspension today. reported that Payton would appeal today according to a league source. Payton was given a 1-year suspension by the NFL for allowing the Saints to run a bounty program from 2009-2011. Since his suspension has been given out Payton has taken full responsibility for allowing the bounty program to continue under his watch. Payton had until April 2nd to appeal his suspension and has apparently opted for today to appeal. Furthermore, Payton made headlines these past few days when he asked legendary coach and mentor, Bill Parcells, to step in and coach the Saints during his 1-year suspension. However, depending on how his appeal goes Payton might be eligible to coach at least some games during the 2012 NFL season. Of course there is no guarantee that the NFL will take time off of Payton’s suspension but appealing the suspension seems to be worth a shot in Payton’s mind.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has already said that any appeal process would be taken care of quickly and Payton’s appeal process should only take a matter of days or so. Payton waiting until the “last minute” to appeal his suspension seems like a stunt to try and buy him some time while the Saints continue to search for an interim head coach. I really do not think that Goodell and the NFL will lessen Payton’s suspension and nothing will change after Payton’s appeal. But, it is a time-saving tactic by Payton as he continues to make another headline during the crazy offseason for the Saints.

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