2012 NFL Draft : Should The Cleveland Browns Trade Down?

CLEVELAND, OH – With the 2012 NFL Draft less than a month away, it appears that the Cleveland Browns and St Louis Rams may in line for a draft-day trade do-over.

The St Louis Rams who would snub the Browns offer to move up from #4 to #2, now appear to need some help from the very same team that they snubbed barely three weeks ago when they pulled off a blockbuster trade with the Washington Redskins.

Rams head coach Jeff Fisher would tell The Cleveland Plain Dealer that Cleveland has emerged as a possible trade partner in hopes of pairing former Oklahoma State Cowboys wide receiver Justin Blackmon with franchise quarterback Sam Bradford in St Louis.

Fisher’s statement would come after Browns general manager Tom Heckert would state that Cleveland would be open to trading down as far to #8—where Miami is currently—opens up the possibility of the Browns and Dolphins pulling off a draft-day deal.

So, in a interesting twist of fate, Cleveland now holds the cards—and fortunes—of two NFL franchises in both St Louis and Miami in it’s hands.

Many feel that it may be wise for the Browns to trade down with St Louis, as the Rams clearly covet Blackmon, or use the Dolphin’s desire of a real franchise quarterback, by talking up former Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill, Cleveland would be wise to play it’s proverbial cards as close to it’s chest as possible right before draft day.

According to Walter Football’s 2012 NFL Draft Value Chart, Cleveland’s first round pick at #4 is worth 1,800 points, for the Rams to move up from No. 6 to No.4 , St Louis would have to give up it’s own first round pick which is valued at 1,600 points and it’s third round pick at #65, which is valued at 265 points.

With it’s own first round pick valued at 1,600 points and a third round pick at 265 points, that would give the Rams 1,865 points, which would be needed to satisify the trade, per league rules.

If this were a World Series Of Poker high-stakes game, Cleveland would be the mysterious man holding all the chips who calls out St Louis and Miami to go all in, and as of right now, it is no secret as to which team has all the leverage it could ever ask for at the draft-day table in the Browns.

Cleveland just needs to be carefully not to overplay it’s own hand too quickly.

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  • Showdawg

    I see the Browns doing so type of trade down. Rumors have the Cowboys wanting to tradeup with the Browns as well. Hearing Cowboys are talking to Browns about moving from 14 up to 4. Target would be LSU CB Morris Claiborne. From the famous words of Col. Klink, It can only get “very interesting” from now until the draft!!!!

    • Robert D. Cobb


      I wouldn’t surprise me either, and plus the Browns have a lot of holes to fill…

  • Andrew G.

    I don’t think the Rams need to trade up at all. At the moment, they can select whomever is left over between Claiborne, Richardson and Blackmon at the 6th pick. With Tannehill getting a lot of buzz lately, he might even get picked before the Rams pick, leaving more options for the Rams when they pick. In fact, if Tannehill is available at 6, the Rams might be able to trade down again for additional draft picks.

    • Robert D. Cobb

      Andrew, thanks for commenting and from the looks of your email addy, you must be a Rams fan. LOL. Seriously, I’ve been hearing some serious rumors that your boys (Rams) are looking at Blackmon and plus with the loss of Lloyd to NE, y’all need to give Bradford a target downfield, things should really get interesting the closer we get towards draft day.