Vikings Had Influence on New NFL Rule

By Andrew Fisher

Wednesday, NFL owners voted to implement the new overtime rule, in the regular season as well. We all know how it works, if the first team to get the ball kicks a field goal, the opposing team gets a chance to answer. If the opposing team does not score, the game is over. If they score a touchdown, the game is over, but if they also kick a field goal, the game continues under ‘sudden-death’ rules.

For the most part, fans seem to be in favor of the new rule, but they also haven’t ever seen it put to use either. Since the rule was put into place back in 2010, it has never had to be used.

Of course Minnesota Vikings fans remember the 2009 NFC Championship game, when the Garrett Hartley kicked a game winning field goal on the New Orleans Saints first possession of overtime, which put them in the Super Bowl. Brett Favre stood watching on the sidelines (in pain), after he was nearly taken out for good by the Saint’s defense. We were all left wondering, what would have happened if Favre got one more chance?

Now obviously, the 09′ NFC Championship game was not the only game that influenced the rule change, but it will always be the game associated with doing so. New light was also recently shed on the 09′ title game, due to the Saint’s bounty on Favre. So due to these two factors, this game will be forever linked to the rule change.

I’m all in favor of the rule change, as I always felt that sudden-death, was just too sudden. The rule is completely fair to both teams, and it makes it more interesting for the fans.

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