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Report: New Orleans Saints Players Could Face Charges From BountyGate

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The New Orleans Saints are not out of the BountyGate woods just yet.  It has been revealed that the NFLPA has told players that they could face criminal charges about the case.  It is not unknown what players could be facing charges and what the actual charges would be.

This not good news at all for the players involved.   Some have moved on to new teams and this could put them in a bind.  Jonathan Vilma has to be feeling the heat in this.  The rumor that he put up 10 thousand dollars to have Brett Favre knocked out of a game is going to come back to bite him.

This black eye on the sport would continue to grow larger.  Cases could drag out for months, which could run into the season.  Punishment would have to take place at some time.  Players could not only be facing jail time, but possible suspensions from the league as well. A perfect storm of a scandal is what this is.  It’s not good and it really doesn’t have a great way of possibly ending.

We will keep you updated on this as this story continues to develop.  I am sure that the NFLPA is preparing its players for a long fight.  There is really no positive way for this story to end.  Players were going after players, which does not help show a united front.   This is pretty much what the owners had hoped for with a lockout.  They wanted divided players and they have that.