Detroit Lions Coach Jim Schwartz Denies Having Bounty System with Tennessee Titans

By Brian Cote

With all of the bad press that the New Orleans Saints have received as of late it is no surprise that questions linger in regard to how wide spread the “bounty” problem is in the NFL. Detroit Lions coach Jim Schwartz recently downplayed the system he had as defensive coordinator of the Tennessee Titans as a reward system for big hits.

Many people in the press as well as in the public are wondering if other teams used a “bounty” type of system like the Saints. Schwartz claims that the system he had with the Titans gave out rewards like baseball bats and boxing gloves to celebrate big hits and big plays on defense.

Schwartz was adamant that the difference with his system and the one with the Saints is that he was celebrating big hits or plays, while the New Orleans “bounties” gave incentives for injuring opposing players.

Former Colts coach and NBC football analyst Tony Dungy recently told that he felt as though the Titans had a bounty on Peyton Manning when Jim Schwartz was the defensive coordinator.

Schwartz has not specifically addressed that comment, but has instead just stated that his teams did not use “bounties” of any kind. The Lions coach was also an assistant to Gregg Williams who is at the forefront of the pay for play scandal in Tennessee.

Schwartz denies that Williams placed bounties on opposing players with the Titans like he is accused of doing with the New Orleans Saints, Washington Redskins and Buffalo Bills.

Lion’s fans are just holding their collective breath that Schwartz’s reward system does not turn out to be a bounty type of program that had serious disciplinary ramifications from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

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