Josh Freeman 4-3 Press Conference Notes: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

By Adrian Mojica

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Josh Freeman took to the podium for his first press conference of the 2012 season. If you didn’t get to tune in, here’s the overview of what he said.

His thoughts on Mike Sullivan and offense: “He wants to build from the ground up…start with fundamentals.”

How difficult is a new scheme to digest? “I have a lot of confidence in all the guys around me….learning it and have a great feel for it.”

On Vincent Jackson and Carl Nicks: “Seeing them in the weight room, both of those guys are freaks.”

Has it been frustrating not having communication with coaches: “It was frustrating cause they’re right in your backyard.”

Is there a team this offense will pattern after: “A variation of the Giants offense.” “Right now we’re working on formations, protections.”

When you hear about pounding run, what do you think: “Believe it or not, that’s been the strategy ever since I’ve been here.”

What happened last year? “Pressing too hard…you feel like you can do so much more, sometimes you try to force things.” “It’s heat of the moment type of things.”

What he senses from his teammates vibe on coaches: “Everybody is real excited, it’s kind of a different energy.” “Coach Schiano gave a great opening speech..I think everyone is buying in.”

On Coach Schiano: “He’s old school.”

Mike Sullivan: “Enthusiastic..real big on mental toughness.”

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