NFL Nike Uniforms Unveiled: New York Giants Equipment Manager Joe Skiba Examines Changes

By Jeff Shull

We have been waiting all off season long for the unveiling of the new Nike uniforms that will be worn by all 32 NFL teams in the up coming season, and that day is finally here.

For the New York Giants, you won’t see many changes in terms of the color scheme. Home blue and white away will still be the norm, but now the team will wear the gray pants with both home and away jerseys.

One of the major changes is what Nike calls a “fly wire collar” which is a new design and material around the neck that holds the neck collar down.

With Reebok’s deal ending with the NFL, Nike swooped in and made sure they got a piece of the most popular sport in the United States. They signed a deal with the NFL in 2010, and obviously worked very hard on the new designs.

It was also obvious that Nike spent a great deal of time making sure the uniforms were comfortable and could breath easy. They used stretch woven material on the jerseys and mesh with the pants, allowing the uniform to “breath” better and help players cool off much easier.

The design and cut of the jersey is also slightly different, but not much of a change from the 2011 version. However, the “speed machine” jerseys are 27 percent light than Reebok’s version.

Another innovation was making both the pants and jerseys water resistant. As you can see in the video, the water falls right off.

Nike is famous for the Oregon Ducks uniforms, so you knew color would come in to play even if no major changes were made to the team’s color scheme. For example, all 32 teams will now be wearing team color cleats. The ones shown in the video for the Giants look very cool.

One change Giants fans might see this year is wearing the alternate red jerseys for at least one home game. They have not worn them in a while for some reason, but I imagine Nike will want fans to see all versions of the uniforms in the inaugural season.

The Giants and Dallas Cowboys open the season, and with the Cowboys having away blue jerseys I bet the Giants wouldn’t be opposed to wearing the red alternates against their hated rivals.

I don’t think anyone expected anything as ridiculous as Oregon’s uniforms, or the crazy Baylor March Madness jerseys, but the changes are definitely for the better, at least for the Giants.


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