Nike Releases New NFL Uniform Series for 2012 Season

By Kris Hughes

After weeks of speculation, Nike has released their re-designed NFL team uniforms, just a few days after taking over the league’s licensing contract from Reebok on April 1st.

Given the creative, and daring, Nike designs we saw on the backs of both college football players (especially teams like Oregon, Maryland, and Oklahoma State) and more recently on the hardwood during March Madness, it wouldn’t have surprised anyone if Nike took a huge risk in the design of their new NFL uniform sets.

The risk is slight, but not as drastic as many believed it could have been.

Ostensibly, the teams still maintained a fair amount of creative control in these jerseys– NFL bylaws state that no team can be “forced” to change their logo and branding design– however, you have to figure some teams were willing to take the plunge, especially those in need of a “fresher” image which reflects the times.

While they haven’t yet been revealed, it’s safe now to assume time-honored franchises like the Green Bay Packers, Chicago Bears, Pittsburgh Steelers, and New York Giants will make the fewest changes, because they really don’t need to and in the case of each, tradition sells.

On the flip side, it’s no surprise the Seattle Seahawks (seen above) have some of the most daring new designs, fitting the team’s desire (and need) to shed a stale image.

Either way, people will flock to retail outlets to snap up the new team merchandise, because that’s just what happens when anything “new Nike” hits the shelves.

With an unparalleled brand image and level of  customer loyalty, Nike will reap a massive profit from the release of these new uniforms, and the variety of licensed and branded merchandise associated with them.

In Nike’s case, it’s good to be King, and today is another crowning achievement.

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