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RG3 Declines Colts’ Private Workout: Can Jim Irsay Take A Hint?

According to reports, Robert Griffin III has declined the Indianapolis Colts’ request for a private workout.   Maybe now Colts Owner Jim Irsay will get the hint.

However, The Indy Channel reported earlier today (via ESPN) the reason RG3 declined was because he  “believes there’s no need to risk an injury when he’s assured of being selected in the top two spots.

Very true.

Jim Irsay has enjoyed keeping fans of both the Washington Redskins and Colts in suspense. Now what will he do to maintain it?

I’m not sure what RG3 would have to do next (other than wear a Redskins jersey…), but this is the best way to say, “Thanks, but no thanks. Did you see me signing Redskins’ helmets in Chantilly?”

It’s quite obvious where RG3 wants to go. About a week ago the Washington Post reported  RG3 was in Chantilly at a sports memorabilia show at the Dulles Expo Center.  Even though the article goes on to say how he had the appearance scheduled anyway, if my eyes deceive me, he was signing Redskins helmets.

Hmmmmm I think he’s pretty content with his future. He would have easily made his appearance and moved on, but in the picture, he’s signing Redskins helmets.

And when Irsay tweeted about it, he got torched. It wasn’t nothing slanderous, but he’s just “that guy” right now. He’s going to catch some heat.

[blackbirdpie url="!/JimIrsay/status/187178027371859968"]

Be sure to read the replies to this tweet. Hilarious.

Here’s what can be said about the situation as it stands:

  •  RG3 is preparing to be a Redskin.
  •  Andrew Luck jerseys being seen at the end of the season in the Colts stadium doesn’t say “We want RG3″.
  •  The way the  Peyton Manning exodus was handled: Epic Fail.
  • Pierre Garcon is a REDSKIN. Who do you have left that RG3 can throw to? Reggie Wayne? Anyone else?
  • Jim Irsay has every right to make sure he’s making the best decision for his team, but eventually…you gotta make a decision.