Bill Parcells to Minnesota Vikings Rumors are Out of Left Field

By Andrew Fisher

About the last thing I expected to see on my routine sports browse this morning, was anything involving Bill Parcells going to the Minnesota Vikings.

The report from the New York Post, claims Vikings owner Zygi Wilf had told Parcells to “name his price,” to come to Minnesota and run his team.

Apparently at a dinner last week with Sean Payton and friends, Parcells revealed Wilf had made this offer to him. However, it’s unclear when Wilf supposedly made the offer.

Since the initial report came out, the Pioneer Press posted an update, where a Vikings representative refutes these claims.

“There is no truth to the media reports,” media relations director Bob Hagan said in a statement Wednesday, April 4.

Wilf apparently wanted Parcells to have total control of the team, all the way from personnel, to actually coaching the team.

To say all of this is out of left field, is probably an understatement. The only news most figured to hear on Parcells, was him either accepting or declining the interim head coach position with the New Orleans Saints. Parcells to Minnesota, is completely random, but not really that crazy.

I don’t know why the Vikings would not want Bill Parcells? I don’t think the fan base would be upset at all if he did happen to take over the franchise. Would it be fair to current head coach Leslie Frazier? Absolutely not, but Parcells does trump Frazier in every coaching category.

At the end of the day, this will probably be just another report that inevitably goes nowhere, but it’s certainly an attention getter. The reality is that at 70 years old, Parcells is probably not the best long-term option for the Vikings. Frazier is only going into his second full season as the team’s head coach, and I believe it’s way too early to draw conclusions on his coaching ability.

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