Newly Released Nike NFL Uniforms and Team Gear: Tennessee Titans Uniforms Barely Change

By Stephanie Umek

Yesterday Nike released a new line of gear for all 32 NFL teams. The line includes shoes, gloves, socks, tee-shirts, sweatshirts and of course new uniforms for the teams to wear on the field this upcoming season.

Nike is one of the biggest manufactures for sporting goods in the world and although the changes to the uniforms are very minimal the move is huge for the franchise.  The Titans will be returning with their main light blue uniforms with dark blue sleeves. The collars will be slightly different have light blue lines with faint stitching on them.

Nike received the contract with the NFL to design the uniforms, which used to be done by Reebok. Which is great, why not? They do many designs for college team jerseys and this year also provided designs for the hardwood you saw during March Madness. Plus, what athlete DOESN’T want to be associated with Nike?

This new line is sharp and after looking through the pictures of the releases, my favorite pieces for the Titans have to be the gloves and the shoes. If I am not mistaken, the gloves did not change all that much in the Nike-Reebok switch, but I happen to love the loud blue shoes that the team will be sporting this upcoming season.

Titans talk aside, maybe this is a good thing for all teams, and instances like the Chicago Bears ran into last year with Receiver Earl Bennett. He will have stylish shoes to wear, though they are a combination of bright blue and orange, maybe they will be good enough to help pull off some big plays, without the fines.

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