Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Ronde Barber Press Conference Notes

By Adrian Mojica

Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive back Ronde Barber took his turn at the podium today, answering a range of questions which informed on his process of returning. He also gave some insight on what to expect in the future.

On what the process was in making his decision: “I met with Mark [Dominik] and Greg…and we had a very honest and frank conversation.” “They left it on me to make a decision and while I was on a vacation I made a decision.”

Did the signings impact his decision: “I’m excited to be a part of it….it was on me thinking I could still play…and that they wanted me.”

On his role changing: “We talked about that….not sure what that will be.” “It’s a whole new system, a whole new way of doing things.” “I’m no stranger to competition…at the very least it makes me better.”

His impression of coach Schiano and his staff: “They have a very direct purpose…the ship is a little bit tighter than it was last year, but that’s a good thing.” “We have a bunch of young men who need guidance, and he’s giving it to them.” “He’s a football coach…he’s honest about what he knows and doesn’t know.” “This is a different direction for this franchise, even more so than any (season) I’ve been here.”

How dramatic will the change be?: “The change isn’t that dramatic.” “I’m getting to know this system like it’s my first year in the NFL.” “Hopefully by camp…we’ll have this down.”

Will he move to safety?: “I’m too small to play safety….but I’ll fit in where I fit in.”

His opinion on the Wonderlick: “I don’t think it’s a factor.” “I don’t remember what I scored…I don’t think it factors into football IQ.”

On Eric Wright: “He’s a great guy, he’ll help us, there’s no doubt about it.” “It’s nothing but positive for us that we get guys like that.”

On Vincent Jackson: “I didn’t know he was that big.” “He gives us.. some serious credibility at the position.” “This guy’s proven..there’s a certain fear factor when you play guys like Vincent Jackson.” “You know that one way or another they’re gonna find a way to get the ball to him.”

On Bill Sheridan and Butch Davis: “Bill’s great, he called me right after I signed…Butch, you don’t see him much. He’s in the back of the room, doesn’t say anything.” “The staff is good, spending time with Ron [Cooper] and his assistant Jeff…they already got a feel for the guys…they’re teachers.” “It’s gotta be a good working environment and right now it seems that way.”


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