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NFL Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs’ 2012 NFL Preseason Schedule

The Kansas City Chiefs will enter the 2012 NFL season with high expectations—internally, if not externally anyway, from a media world obsessed with the Denver Broncos’ signing of Peyton Manning. Chiefs’ fans found out where the tuneup to the season will begin, as NFL preseason schedules were released today.

NFL fans have varying degrees of seriousness with which they take these games. Some are thirsty enough for football that they’re approached with almost regular season intensity, others take a more casual approach. How fast the Kansas City area will dive into NFL football might be determined by whether the baseball Royals can fulfill some of their promise and keep the city’s attention into August. If that’s not the case, here are the opponents Chiefs’ fans can look forward to seeing…

At Green Bay Packers: The networks may end up loving this one, with the “revenge” factor being played up after Kansas City ruined Green Bay’s perfect season last December. I find it hard to believe a team like the Packers, with 25 wins over the last two regular seasons and a Super Bowl trophy in that same span is really going to feel satisfaction over a game in August.

At St. Louis Rams: The in-state rivalry game has the Rams with a new coach in Jeff Fisher and they’re second new defensive coordinator in less than a year, after the indefinite suspension of Gregg Williams for his role in Bountygate with the New Orleans Saints.

Arizona Cardinals: A team that made some quiet progress at the end of last season and hoping to make a move in the NFC West if only San Francisco slips up.

Seattle Seahawks: Another team that’s lurking in the NFC West and breaking in a new quarterback and spending $17 million over three years to lock up Green Bay’s unproven backup in Matt Flynn.