NFL Chicago Bears

Chicgo Bears New Gear

On Tuesday, the NFL and Nike announce new uniforms and gear for the Chicago Bears and all other 29 teams. There’s not a big difference in the new uniforms, but there still is a change. All the NFL teams had to have a representative go down there to represent their teams and Brian Urlacher went down there for the Bears. Urlacher said “I think they’re awesome”, when referring to the new uniforms.

Here’s a few pictures of the Chicago Bears new uniforms:
*Chicago Bears new uniform
*A close-up to the shoulder where a change has been made
*A view from the backside of the uniform

The big difference that I see in the uniforms was the material used to make them. Also, the coller of the uniforms could be difference too. Like I said, there’s not much of a difference.

Here’s more a gear by Nike that was showed on Tuesday as well:
*New Nike football gloves (my favorite)
*New football workout clothes
*More gear from Nike

Well that’s the new uniforms and gear for the Chicago Bears by Nike.

Here’s the uniforms by the rest of the NFC North:
*Green Bay Packers
*Minnesota Vikings
*Detroit Lions

The team that had the best review of their new uniforms was the Seattle Seahawks. They do look the best and look sweet. Here’s a picture of the new Seahawks uniforms.

The new uniforms will be available for pre-order on April 15th and ready to be sold on April 26th.

I’m not exactly sure if the Bears are going to have new helmets, but they are made by Riddell and not Nike. So we will find out at a later date.

By the way, the Bears will not have the orange uniforms anymore. I liked the Orange uniforms and I hate to see them go.