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Early Thoughts on the Buffalo Bills Preseason Schedule: Week 1- Washington Redskins

Earlier this week the NFL announced the 2012 preseason schedule, with each team playing their usual four games in four weeks, starting August 9th and going through August 30th.  The 2012 Buffalo Bills preseason schedule has some interesting match-ups, starting home with the Washington Redskins in week one, going to Minnesota in week two, playing home against Pittsburgh in week three, and ending with an away game at Detroit in week four.

This week I will be breaking down my early (OK, really early) thoughts on the preseason schedule and match-ups for the Bills, starting with week one and the Redskins.

Week 1- at Washington Redskins

This could be a very exciting (if there is such a thing) preseason game for fans and players of both teams.  Not only will this be the first chance for Bills fans to get a glimpse of the team’s top new pass-rushing duo in Mario Williams and Mark Anderson, but it will also most likely be the first Redskins, and fans of football in general, to see Heisman winning quarterback sensation Robert Griffin III.

The speed of Griffin under center could be a solid early test for this Bills defense in transition.  While normally a starter isn’t going to get a ton of time in week one of the NFL season, with Griffin being a rookie that may not be the case.  Watching a defense that has always had trouble stopping the run in recent years try and catch RGIII could be frustrating, but in the long run will most likely help this team and defense.

Looking ahead as excited as I am for this match-up, I will be even more excited for football to be back in my life, and as always in August, Bills fans have hope.

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