Gregg Williams New Orleans Saints Bounty Audio

By Riley Schmitt

This latest audio from the United States of Football may implicate Gregg Williams in the New Orleans Saints bounty scandal more than anything in the history of the world.  If you think the bounty wasn’t that big of a deal, you obviously think that this is a joke.

He basically says the Saints need to take out San Francisco 49ers players.  Alex Smith and Frank Gore are named and Williams wants them taken out.  That is pretty blatant right there.  You can’t slice this any way.  He also says to take out Michael Crabtree’s outside ACL.  I understand that football is violent, but that is fairly violent and fairly specific.  Going for someone’s ACL could ruin their career.  As much as Williams wants to fire up his defense, who wants to really end careers?

I can’t see how people still defend the Saints.  This about all the evidence you need.  He talks about money and taking out players.  That is basically cut and dry.   They leave no room to the imagination.  This is why Williams should be barred from the NFL and Sean Payton should be suspended for the 2012 season.  You can’t have this type of stuff.  Football is violent, but not to the point people need to intentionally take out other players.

Roger Goodell will deal with the appeals, but I think they are just a formality.  The Saints basically implicated themselves.   This audio is about as damning as you can get.

Thanks to USOF for the audio.

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