2012 Draft Provides Opportunity for Pittsburgh Steelers to Add Running back

By Brandon Bonsell

The 2012 NFL Draft is approaching very quickly and there are many quality players in this year’s draft. Running backs are one particular position that has great depth this year. This is good news for the Pittsburgh Steelers who need to add a running back via the draft.

Pittsburgh will be without starting running back Rashard Mendenhall for the majority, if not all, of the 2012 season. Mendenhall suffered an ACL injury in the season finale of the 2011 season. He did not play in the Steelers’ playoff loss against the Denver Broncos, and his absence showed on the field. Pittsburgh should look to add a running back in the 2nd or 3rd round of the draft. They have greater needs on the defense and on the offensive line to take a running back in the 1st round, but there are some good backs that should fall to them in the later rounds.

Trent Richardson is the best back of this year’s class and will be long gone by the time Pittsburgh is on the clock. The next best back is probably Virginia Tech’s David Wilson. He will most likely be gone when Pittsburgh is up in the 2nd round. Lamar Miller, Bernard Pierce, and Chris Polk have a chance to be on the board when Pittsburgh is up in the 2nd round. One of those three would be a solid choice for the Steelers.

There is also the possibility of trading out of the first round to accumulate more draft picks. If the Steelers aren’t high on the players who are on the board when it is their turn; it could be wise to trade away the 24th pick.

It is difficult to predict exactly who will be available when the Steelers are on the clock. One thing is certain though, Pittsburgh must add a running back in the draft to add depth to that position.

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