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NFL Chicago Bears

Mock 2012 NFL Draft: Chicago Bears Need To Trade Up

With the NFL draft only a few weeks away, the Chicago Bears are busy trying to figure out where they’re going to go with their first round pick. With the trade of Brandon Marshall, most people think they’re going to go offensive line in the first round. I’m one of the crazy people that believe the Bears should trade up to select WR Michael Floyd out of Notre Dame. Why? Look at the offense of the Green Bay Packers and Detroit Lions. They’re loaded with skill position players that allow their QB to put up insane numbers, and points on the board. Even with Brandon Marshall, the Bears don’t come close to matching the offensive output of those 2 teams.

Michael Floyd is a big receiver with great hands, and is an outstanding route runner. He set Notre Dame records for catches, yards, and touchdowns, and the Bears would be able to utilize his abilities in the Red Zone for Jay Cutler. The Bears have some speed wide outs that would be nasty in the slot, but having two go to receivers would be a new era for the Chicago Bears.

I don’t want to say the offensive line isn’t important, but a lot of the problems last year were due to injury, and the ridiculousness of Mike Martz. Forget the 15 step drop backs and routes that take 50 minutes to develop. If the Bears run the ball effectively, Jay Cutler will be able to go 3 step drops and move the football by throwing to his big wide outs. The offensive line will be just fine, and will be able to be focused on later in this years draft. Michael Floyd is a heck of a talent, and the Bears shouldn’t lose sight of that.