Tampa Bay Buccaneers Draft prospect Morris Claiborne gets the last laugh

By Adrian Mojica

Tampa Bay Buccaneers prospect Morris Claiborne responded to the alleged Wonderlic results of his score by pointing to the scoreboard.

His response on Twitter @MoClaiborne:

“Some peopl don’t no what the test is about r what it is for. But u guys will have to do more then that to bring Momo17 dwn!!! $$$$$ :-)”

Some analysts took issue with the fact Claiborne pointed out the financial security he will gain from his ability, questioning how that will resonate with fans. Others took issue with the alleged test results and decided to compare themselves, assuming they would have done better.

On the first issue, what better way to silence a critic than pointing out your success? Do fans want a player who mopes about and focuses on alleged weaknesses? Football is about swagger, it’s about how you perform ON the field and not necessarily in a classroom. Football is about your strengths and learning to use them to their advantage. Fans have a passion for the game and ultimately that drives the sport. However, we must all remember that we are fans. If we could do what many of these gifted athletes can do, we would not be pushing paper and sitting in front of our laptops. Nobody takes issue with the MIT grad who runs a 5.5 second 40 yard dash.

The minute anyone questions your abilities in a negative manner, what do you hit them with? Either it’s a response about their own inequities or a response which points out how you are more valuable. Then again, you could always have them fired on the spot. We all are good at our jobs or we wouldn’t have one. The fact we are not on the field definitely tells us football is not one of our strengths.

How Morris Claiborne responded is no different. If anything, it speaks volumes about his thick skin and ability to shrug negative comments off and move on by pointing out his reward versus theirs. That’s exactly the quality a defensive back in the NFL should have if he wants to succeed. A short memory and the ability to shut the opposition down after a big play.Yes, the $$$$ was sure to ruffle some feathers, but everyone one of those dollar signs was earned by excelling in his field of choice. How many successful business magnates or CEO’s do you think took offense to his comments?


Imagine that mail room intern calling you out in public, stating you are inept compared to them? Pretty laughable that one, they called you out in the first place, and two, they could do what you can.

For those who mocked his alleged score, let me make it simple. Knowing the square roots of numbers in no way runs through any NFL player’s mind. Nor does sentence structure or which geometric shapes do not relate to one another. Even the Wonderlic test creator’s daughter Kathy Kolbe doubts the significance in how the test measures a player’s ability to perform. For those who mock, how about breaking down every defensive and offensive scheme with probability of success against an opposing scheme in 12 minutes. If you can, you are either a coach, player or someone who has been around football a lifetime.

The fact the alleged score was ever leaked points to just as large an issue, if not larger than the “Bounty-Gate” scandal. Releasing private information is considered a security threat by governments and citizens, yet there is no uproar about releasing information on a football player. Everyone has one blemish or failure on their record somewhere. How about posting that on your Facebook account?

No matter where Morris Claiborne is selected, one thing is for sure; fans won’t care what he allegedly scored if he helps the home team win.

Isn’t that all we really care about in the end?





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