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NFL Chicago Bears

Bears’ Expressing Interest in Eric Steinbach

According to, Eric Steinbach is on the Chicago Bears radar. The Bears need help at guard on the offensive line and if Steinbach can stay healthy, he can be a huge help. Especially to an offensive line that give up the most sacks in the league. Steinbach was released by the Cleveland Browns on March 14th after he declined to take a big reduction in pay.

It’s not exactly known if Steinbach will make any visits before the NFL draft. He missed all of last season from a back injury and is still recovering from that injury. Steinbach may be better off to wait until after the draft to see if the market picks up. So, if teams lost on an OL in the draft, they could pick up interest in him and maybe he’ll get a better deal than expected.

Steinbach is 32 years old and was 2nd round pick by the Cincinatti Bengals in 2003. The last few seasons, Steinbach has been with the Cleveland Browns. Before the injury, Steinbach was considered one of the best guards in the game.

Along with the Bears, the Seattle Seahawks have express interest in Eric Steinbach too. The Baltimore Ravens are in the market for a guard and could join the market for Steinbach.

The Bears are hoping Gabe Carimi and Chris Williams come back healthy for the 2012 seasons. Both were placed on the injured reserve last year.

Eric Steinbach would have to be sign to the veteran minimum because the Bears just don’t have enough money to sign him to a larger. So … that could make the Bears out of the running, but you never know.

Don’t forget, but the Bears are also expected to address the offensive line in the draft.