Detroit Lions Should Not Draft A Running Back In 1st Round

By Greg Bolotin

The Detroit Lions should not draft a running back in the 1st round, because their running game was not the reason the Lions were blown out of their first playoff game since 1999. Their passing and run defense got exposed and destroyed by the New Orleans Saints. It is true the Lions’ running game was ranked 29th in the NFL, and they have no idea what to expect when running backs Jahvid Best and Mikel Leshoure return to the field from injuries.

Leshoure did not help this by getting arrested for possession of marijuana recently. Now Leshoure may face felony charges, plus a fine, and or suspension from the NFL, which will only delay his return to the field. Jahvid Best has been medically cleared to return to practice. Best has suffered two concussions, but has followed his doctors advice on the road to recovery. The Lions’ front office and their coaches are continually monitoring Best’s progress. Best believes he will be healthy and ready to play in 2012. The Lions also re-signed running back Kevin Smith as insurance in case either or both Leshoure or Best are not able to play.

Drafting a running back in the first round will not help the Lions get closer to reaching a Super Bowl. They would be taking steps backwards if they do. The Lions will be missing out on drafting players that will improve their passing and run defense instantly.

If the Lions want to draft a running back, they can wait until the middle or later rounds to do so. There will be running backs available then. The Lions need to focus on improving their passing and run defense in the early rounds of the NFL draft.

Improving the Lions’ defense in the 2012 NFL draft will only make them better overall. They already have a great offense. If Best can come back, and help complement the Lions’ passing game.Their offense will be even scarier than it was in 2011. If the Lions draft the right players to improve their defense, they will be Super Bowl contenders going in to the 2012 season.

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