Two Options For The Kansas City Chiefs In NFL Draft Round 3

The Kansas City Chiefs’ third-round choice in the 2012 NFL draft will be the 74th player picked overall. Based on the player rankings at ESPN’s Scouts Inc, two players who are at least worthy of a look will be Oklahoma wide receiver Ryan Broyles and Nebraska defensive back Alfonzo Dennard. Let’s size up both and see how they might help the Chiefs next year and down the line…

Alfonzo Dennard (CB):  Average speed, short arms and an inability to close the deal on interception chances are the reasons he won’t be picked earlier. Dennard’s strengths are in the intangible areas. He had the respect of his coaches for his competitiveness, and he played very physical at the line of scrimmage. He further excels in fundamental areas of coverage, like reading routes and maintaining body control. The scouts see his future as a #3 corner, who plays in the slot. By not putting him outside, you protect him from faster and taller receivers, while playing to his strengths. In an AFC West where Kansas City will face three good opposing quarterbacks six times next year, an extra corner in the slot would be a valuable addition.

Ryan Broyles (WR):  The big question on Broyles will be the torn ACL that ended last season for him. Prior to that he was as productive a receiver as anyone in the Big 12, including the more heralded Justin Blackmon at Oklahoma State. But was Broyles a product of Bob Stoops’ powerful offensive attack? The receiver has good, albeit not great, speed. The knee injury adds further questions to that, and a lack of size at 5’10” makes him questionable as a threat to stretch the field. But perhaps those are just the reasons he’ll be available at #74. On the flip side, he wins praise for his ability to get open in zone coverage and catch the ball in traffic, using his good hands to secure the pass. With Kansas City looking to rely on the run, a receiver who can be relied on spots like 3rd-and-4 or 3rd-and-5 can’t be overestimated, especially given that Dwayne Bowe will draw the defense’s primary attention.

Overall, I was a little disappointed in the crop of players here at defensive tackle and center, two spots that would have filled a bigger need for Kansas City. But of the two players looked at here, each would have a chance to help in a limited capacity and to do it for several years. That’s hardly something to scoff at with the 74th pick.


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