2012 NFL Preseason Schedule For Washington Redskins Full Of Storylines

By Ricky Allen

Do Washington Redskins fans really care about this year’s preseason schedule? Of course they do.

Honestly, I’m just ready to see some football.  I think my wife doesn’t like me walking aimlessly around the house  like an intelligent haunting, but I digress. I’m running out of paranormal shows to watch too.

The 2012 NFL Preseason Schedule is out, and the Redskins have several storylines worth mentioning. It’s a going to be a great introduction to the 2012 NFL Season.

Week One we have the  Buffalo Bills: This team, even in the preseason, should look out. Last October the Redskins got owned 0-23.  I doubt it if the Redskins forgot so quickly the embarrassment it cast on the team. Mike Shanahan called it “humbling”.  It was the first time they had been shut out since the 2009 game against the Dallas Cowboys (just gagged a little)  when they lost 17-0.

Week 2 is against the  Chicago Bears :  This is going to be one of the funniest games of the  preseason.  Why? Because the Bears have former Redskins QB Jason Campbell.  He suffered a season-ending broken collar bone last season with the Oakland Raiders, but I’m sure he’ll see some playing time in this game. The Redskins ditched him for the NFL’s new Nastradamous:  Donovan McNabb . He’ll be looking for a little revenge, even though he is the backup QB. Might as well take advantage of the moment.

Finally we get to Week 3 against the  Indianapolis Colts: This will be the game to watch because we’re going to see (no matter who’s drafted where) Andrew Luck vs. Robert Griffin III. This game will decide who made the better choice.  With Pierre Garcon joining the Redskins, no Peyton Manning to rely on, and a team who was found suspect last year, this should be interesting. Either way, Peyton Manning will be in Denver watching, and maybe laughing a little. The Redskins beat the Colts 16-3 in their last preseason meeting.

Week 4: Tampa Bay Buccaneers  : Raheem Morris and James Lee have something in common-Both were with the Bucs.  The Redskins landed a 29-24 win in last year’s preseason against the Bucs.

Now, to those who are staunch haters of the NFL preseason: I know. You can’t forecast the future of the season during preaseason games. Players are practically applying for jobs and everyone’s getting a once over on the field. I get it, I’m there. When that great day comes and  that ball snaps, just grab your chips and dip and enjoy. At least it’s football.

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