Chicago Bears Select Michael Floyd in Rant Sports 2012 NFL Mock Draft

By Chris Wickersham

The Chicago Bears have made their wide receivers core even stronger by drafting Michael Floyd in the Rant Sports 2012 NFL Mock Draft. Floyd was getting big hype before the draft at the scouting combine and at private workouts. Jay Cutler and the offense keep on getting happier by the new additions to the offense. Floyd and Brandon Marshall on each side of the offensive line sounds deadly and should prove to be true.

The one element the Bears have not had in years was a tall receiver and in 2012, the Bears will have 2 receivers over 6 feet tall – one being Marshall and the other being Floyd whom in 6 feet, 3 inches. Floyd has strong hands and will go up for the ball to take it away from the defender. Not to mention, he’s a good route runner too. None of which the Bears had the past few seasons. The one flaw in Floyd’s game is he does not have break away speed as he ran a 4.47 in the 40 yard dash.

I watched Floyd all his years in college as I’m a big Notre Dame fan and that’s the school Floyd played for. While playing for Notre Dame in 2011, Floyd had stats of … 100 receptions, 1147 yards, 9 touchdowns and an average catch of 11.5 yards. One big stat that I liked from his past season is he only had one fumbled and the Fighting Irish did not lose the ball. Also, it didn’t help much that he didn’t have a good quarterback throwing to him. The Irish kept switching the QB position up because of inconsistency.

Floyd will come to the Bears and fit right in. He would be the number 2 receiver behind Marshall. He will have a great QB throwing to him in the like of Jay Cutler. Cutler has to be smiling all the time as he gets to throw to Marshall and Floyd. That would be anyone’s best wish to come true. So … the wide receivers for the upcoming season will be Marshall (#1 receiver-outside), Floyd (#2 receiver-outside), Earl Bennett (#3 receiver-slot/inside), Devin Hester (#4 receiver and punt/kickoffs returns), Eric Weems (#5 receiver and special teams) and Devin Thomas (#6 receiver and special teams). As you can tell I didn’t mention Johnny Knox because we don’t even know if he’ll play in 2012. Knox will probably at the least miss the first 6 games as he’ll be placed on the PUP list.

The Bears offense now looks deadly and I can’t wait ’till we see them in action. We will actually see a Bears team that has a defense AND offense.

Here’s a few videos of Floyd:
Scouting combine
In college

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