Detroit Lions Select Janoris Jenkins In Rant Sports 2012 NFL Mock Draft

By Greg Bolotin

Rant Sports 2012 NFL Mock Draft, the Detroit Lions have to make the decision: who will they draft with the 23rd overall selection? The Detroit Lions are a great team but have a lot of needs to fill with the 2012 draft. The Lions’ passing defense and their offensive line are what Jim Schwartz and the rest of the Lions coaching staff should focus on. Drafting a cornerback would be very smart choice. Janoris Jenkins has had off-field issues that could allow him to fall in Lions hands.

There are scouts and analysts that say drafting a player with off-field issues means bringing those issues to the NFL. Randy Moss is always used an example. He was always in and out of trouble when he was playing for Marshall. Moss was extremely talented and played great as a wide receiver when he was on the football field.

When it came to the NFL draft, Moss and his off-field issues took away his chances of being a top 5 or top 10 pick in the 1998 draft.  He fell into the hands of the Minnesota Vikings as the 21st pick. Moss, with the help of veteran wide receiver Cris Carter, helped the Vikings to a 15-1 record.  The Vikings were one win away from reaching the Super Bowl in 1998.

When Moss kept his mouth shut, he kept out of trouble. He has put up hall of fame numbers for a wide receiver. Janoris Jenkins could be seen in a similar light. He has great talent that the Lions need in their secondary. One of the main reasons they lost to the New Orleans Saints in the playoffs in 2011 is the Lions could not stop the Saints passing game when needed. Drew Brees threw the ball at will and decimated the Lions secondary in a blow-out victory.

Drafting Janoris Jenkins will go a long way in preventing another blow out loss in the playoffs. Yes there is a high risk in drafting Jenkins but with a high risk can come high rewards. Jim Schwartz brings the type of football that has earned the full respect of his players. Ndamukong Suh got suspended for 2 games. Schwartz talked to Suh and when Suh came back from his suspension his play did the talking and nothing else happened for the rest of the 2011 season.

If Jenkins is left on the board and the Lions do not draft him, they will feel like those 20 NFL teams that missed the opportunity to take Randy Moss in the 1998 draft. If you asked any of those teams today, they would have picked up Moss.

After reaching the playoffs for the first time since 1999, the Lions have to keep improving their play on the field. Even if they lose key players to free agency because of salary cap issues, the draft is a good way to bring in other talent to help fill those voids.

Drafting Janoris Jenkins is a must. His great talent and abilities can disrupt the opponents’ passing game. The Detroit Lions need this type of player. The Lions do not have much in the secondary position. Jenkins can bring the needed improvement for years to come.

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