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A Cameron Wake Holdout Could Affect the Miami Dolphins 2012 Draft Plans!

With the 2012 NFL Draft fast approaching, and  with LB Cameron Wake possibly holding out for a new contract, the Miami Dolphins must now consider a pass rusher as their primary need.

The Dolphins, who hold the 8th selection in this year’s draft, and are expected to draft QB Ryan Tannehill with that pick, but with the possibility of their best defensive player holding out, Miami would be better served to select Quinton Coples, the talented defensive end out of North Carolina.  Then the Dolphins could secure a talent worthy of the 8th pick, and still can add a quarterback that they can groom into a starter in a later round.

The Miami Dolphins search for a franchise quarterback has been highly publicized this off season, and after having missed out the best talent the Free Agency had to offer, the front office has asked fans to be patient and has assured everyone that the team needs would be addressed in the draft.  This has led to the belief that Tannehill will be a Dolphin in 2012, but with the sudden issues on the defensive side of the ball, that plan may need to be adjusted.

Cameron Wake represents the Dolphins leader in sacks over the last 3 years, and he is set to receive $650,00 in the last year of his contract with the team.  He is ranked among the very best 3-4 outside linebacker in the league, being able to rush the passer with great success, while also shutting down the run.

Miami is meeting today with linebackers Gary Guyton and Bryan Kehl, but that was to add competition for Koa Misi‘s position, a smart move considering Misi’s recent off field troubles that could affect his availability in 2012.  Neither  Guyton, or Kehl, could make up for the loss of Wake if a contract is not worked out in time.  This should make Quinton Coples a strong candidate for the Dolphins first pick.

Coples stands nearly 6’6″, weighs 284, and has a 33 inch arm length with which he disrupts the opponents offensive schemes.  He is skilled at rushing from the edge, but played much of last season from the middle, a move he tried to resist for fear it would hurt his draft stock.  This behavior has led to questions about his personal commitment to the team and maturity.  Still, those questions should do little to dissuade the Dolphins from snatching him up.

Rumor was, Miami planned on drafting an edge rusher at some point in the Draft already, so it makes sense for them to get the best rusher available.  This would allow the front office to not feel pressured into drafting Ryan Tannehill, while being able to pick up a solid talent, such as Brock Osweiler, or Kirk Cousins in the next round.  Both NFL hopefuls have rare talents that could translate well with a couple of years of grooming.  Miami is in a definite rebuilding stage, and they have already added veteran quarterback David Garrard to compete with Matt Moore for the starting position, so they may as well take the oppurtunity to make the most out of this year’s draft.

Hopefully the front office will be able to work out the details of Wake’s contract, and even add Guyton or Kehl, but  they should still take Coples rather than gamble on an a questionable pick at quarterback.