Breaking Down The New York Giants: Quarterbacks

By jason evans

As we head toward the draft, I’m going to break down all parts of the New York Giants, to see where they are thinking of adding to the squad. We’ll start out looking at the quarterbacks.


Going into last season, there was question as to whether Eli Manning was an elite quarterback. Going into 2012, those questions no longer exist. Eli led the Giants on another playoff run for the second super bowl championship in the past four years. He recovered from his lackluster 2010 season where he led the league in interceptions and making you wonder what in the world he was thinking on certain plays. He cut his interceptions down from a league leading 25 to 19 in 2011. At times in 2011, Eli had to carry the offense to do a rotating offensive line due to injury, and a lackluster running attack which ranked last in the regular season in rushing. Of course, someone needs to catch the ball and Hakeem Nicks, Mario Manningham and Victor Cruz were important keys in helping Eli last season.


If anything were to happen to Eli (who hasn’t missed a game since he became a starting quarterback), former number one pick David Carr would take over. Carr in limited action in preseason, has looked good and comfortable in the offense. If you look around the league, Carr could possibly start for a few teams, so any time you have a backup quarterback of this caliber, it is a good thing. Carr took a beating as starting quarterback for the Texans when they were in their NFL infancy. He set the record for most times being sacked with 76 in his rookie year and 65 three years later.


Could the Giants afford to draft a late round project prospect? Absolutely, however I don’t expect Jerry Reese to do that unless a quarterback is the best player available.


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