Could The Miami Dolphins Draft Brock Osweiler?

By Max Luckan

Yesterday, former Arizona State University quarterback Brock Osweiler visited the Miami Dolphins, and @BrockOsweiler tweeted: “Just landed in Miami…excited about my visit with the Dolphins!” While that all seems perfectly normal, it’s really not. Jeff Ireland, the Dolphins GM, also attended Osweiler’s pro day where he completed 66 out of 75 passes, and he looked very sharp overall.

But, the Dolphins’ interest in Osweiler seems a bit out of place, given that they will probably have the chance to draft quarterback Ryan Tannehill out of Texas A&M. Especially now that ESPNCleveland’s Tony Grossi believes that the Cleveland Browns will not select Tannehill, opting to go with either Trent Richardson or Justin Blackmon. Osweiler definitely is an intriguing prospect, I mean, he’s 6-7, 240 pounds. Many of his passes at his pro day were right on the money, however, others were thrown poorly, or wobbled as they reached its target. But, the arm strength and size are definitely there. The negatives to Osweiler’s game are that he frequently over throws his receivers. And, that he forces the ball into tight areas at times, which could be foreshadowing for frequent interceptions in the NFL.

Meanwhile, many scouts and analysts are all over Tannehill. Tannehill threw for 3,744 yards last year at Texas A&M, and added 29 touchdowns. He’s definitely shorter than Osweiler at 6-4, but has relatively good size nonetheless. The thing that puts Tannehill ahead of Osweiler, in my opinion, is his accuracy. In 2011, Tannehill completed 67% of his passes, while Osweiler completed 63%. Additionally, unlike Brock Osweiler, Ryan Tannehill is much more mobile, and can make plays on the run. He also has an NFL caliber arm, and overall Tannehill’s mechanics are alright. Only a few minor things need to be brushed up to make him more consistent. In my opinion, Tannehill is the safer pick because he can play wide receiver if he doesn’t pan out at the quarterback position.

You never know what Jeff Ireland and the Dolphins are thinking, though. The Dolphins might go for Osweiler because he has the bigger arm and more size, and he has the potential to put up big numbers immediately. Remember, Tannehill converted to quarterback from wide receiver, so he might need to sit a year in the NFL. With Jeff Ireland missing out on Peyton Manning and Alex Smith, look for him to think outside the box in order to reconnect with the fans, and possibly save his job.

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