Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo a Proud Father of a Baby Boy

By Jeric Griffin

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is a proud father after his wife, Candice, gave birth to a baby boy at 5:30 p.m. on Monday. The boy is named Hawkins Crawford Romo; his middle name is Candice’s maiden name. The youngest Romo was measured at 19¾ inches and 8 lbs., 8 oz.

The Romos were married in May of 2011 inside Arlington Hall at Lee Park in northern Dallas, an upscale area of town. The ceremony welcomed past and present Cowboys players and coaches and was highly publicized although the Romos did a nice job of hiding their big day from the media.

Tony Romo first announced he and his wife’s pregnancy while making an appearance at Cedar Hill High School in Dallas along with Cowboys receiver Miles Austin. One student in the audience raised her hand and asked Romo if he had any children. Romo’s reply broke the news:

“I got one on the way,” Romo said. “My wife’s pregnant.”

The announcement came on a Tuesday following a 34-7 Dallas victory over the St. Louis Rams in which Dallas running back DeMarco Murray broke a franchise single-game record with 253 rushing yards in his first NFL start.

The Sunday following the announcement, the Cowboys were demolished by the Philadelphia Eagles and in a game that ironically had the same score as the one before.

Romo has been known to crack under pressure and hasn’t played well with significant others in attendance of his games. See: Jessica Simpson.

Maybe the birth of his first child and being married for a year in May will help settle him down. Romo did have his best professional season in 2011, so maybe Baby Romo is a good omen for an even better 2012 campaign.

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