Mock of Ages? Could Be, If the Arizona Cardinals Take That Guy

By Greg Archuleta

There are two words the Arizona Cardinals can use to make their fans forget about losing out on the Peyton Manning sweepstakes and completing what most experts agree was a too-quiet free-agency period:

Kellen Moore.

The kid from a non-BCS school is just 6 feet, 197 pounds and runs a 4.9-second 40. And the guy that can ignite the Cardinals’ future.

Moore also happens to be the only player in college football to win 50 games as a starting quarterback for that soon-to-be, already-plays-like-a-BCS-school Boise State. He had 142 touchdowns and 28 interceptions during his Broncos career.

And perhaps the best part about Moore – it should cost Arizona only a sixth-round draft pick.

Ahh, the joys of putting together a mock draft. We’re all geniuses who can’t be proven wrong because we can’t possibly get more than a couple picks right – if we’re lucky.

So if only the Cardinals would listen, this is what they need to do from April 26-28.

With this space already committed to Stanford guard David DeCastro with the Cards’ first pick – No. 13 overall – of the draft, they’ll be spectators until the third round. That gives their followers plenty of time to get mad as offensive tackles, wide receivers, defensive ends and outside linebacker are picked elsewhere.

So the Cardinals will look to reduce that draft envy with their remaining picks:

Third round (17th pick): Wisconsin wide receiver Nick Toon. Toon, the son of former NFL WR Al Toon, caught 64 passes for 926 yards and 10 touchdowns on predominantly running team.

Fourth round (17th pick): Florida State left tackle Andrew Datko. Arizona still may be operating under the assumption that using high draft picks on offensive tackles is folly (Levi Brown, anyone?) Datko has the size, at 6-6, 315 pounds, to grow into the left tackle role.

Injuries are his big question mark (shoulder), but if he’s healthy … if stealing is wrong, I don’t want to be right (speaking strictly in a draft selection sense).

Fifth round (16th pick): Southern Miss defensive end/outside linebacker Cordarro Law. Law is an athletic type (a 4.64-second 40) who had 22 tackles for loss and 9½ sacks last season.  He would fit nicely as a bookend for current Arizona OLB Sam Acho.

Sixth round (15th pick): Boise State’s Moore. Let’s see, 14,667 yards, a 69.8 percent completion rate with 1,658 career attempts. And did we mention that he won 50 games?

Seventh round (14th pick): New Mexico linebacker Carmen Messina. For all those angry over the Cardinals not selecting Boston College’s Luke Kuechly, Messina is the all-time leader in tackles in the Mountain West Conference.

Of course, all those other picks could be completely different, but if Moore works out, it’s a draft to remember.

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