The Indianapolis Colts Need to Make a Quarterback Decision Soon

By Daniel Canova

As a matter of fact, they need to make it as soon as possible.

If your an NFL franchise, and you have the first overall pick, you should note that you can make your decision weeks before the actual draft.  You can begin to meet with the players, and talk contract negotiations.

So why are the Indianapolis Colts taking so long to choose between Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III?

First off, Indianapolis owner, Jim Irsay believes he is the face of his franchise.  Something the owner should not concentrate on.  It’s a players first league, nobody cares about owners, general managers, and coaches.  Yes, they are the brains, and they put out the final product on the field, but honestly, who really cares about what goes on behind closed doors?  We care about the entertainment on the field.  With the entire Peyton Manning saga going on this past offseason, you can tell Mr. Irsay loves the attention.  He’s a Twitter fiend as well.  And his whole mindset heading into the draft is being open minded about the evaluation process of the two future star quarterbacks.  Him and his staff need to make a decision, quickly.

Secondly, put yourselves in Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin’s shoes.  If you were a young college prospect, declaring for the NFL draft, wouldn’t you want to know ahead of time where your going?  Once the Colts make their decision, both quarterbacks will know for sure because one of them will either be looking for housing in Indianapolis or Washington D.C.  Both players want to settle all of these things ahead of time.  Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III do not want to be “surprised” on draft day where they will be moving to.  This isn’t quite the situation for that.

Finally, I believe the Colts know who they are taking with the first overall pick.  Whether it’s Luck or Griffin, they know.  For some reason, they continue to drag this entire situation on which is the worst possible thing you can do.  Today is April 10th, the draft is only 16 days away.  I think they will announce their decision later this week or next week.  There is no way they wait until draft day to come out with the decision of who they wil be choosing to lead their franchise into the future.


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