2012 NFL Draft: OL Matt Kalil Visits Minnesota Vikings; Brother Comments

By Andrew Fisher

According to Matt Kalil‘s brother, Carolina Panthers C Ryan Kalil, Matt’s visit to the Minnesota Vikings last week went “very good.” Many 2012 NFL Draft analysts have of course identified OT Matt Kalil, as the top lineman available this year, and as the projected selection for the Vikings.

Ryan Kalil had the following to say on his brother’s visit to Minnesota,

“Knowing Matt, he’d rather know where he’s playing so he can get to work,” he said. “But the draft can be so finicky that you really don’t know where you’re going to go. I know that he’s had a positive experience with Minnesota. Jeff Davidson (Vikings OL Coach), who was my offensive line coach in Carolina, is very good and would really help him. He’s just trying to handle this process professionally and remain patient.”

At this point, If I’m placing bets on who the Vikings take with the third pick, I would bet on Kalil. It’s the safest pick, that fills a vital position need on the team. I don’t think anyone could legitimately argue that Kalil is a “bad” pick, it may not be the preferred choice of all fans, but there is no way it could be deemed a bad pick.

There are three realistic scenarios for the Vikings first round on draft day this year:

1. Make the safe selection, and take Kalil to bolster the offensive line for years to come.

2. Select the best wide receiver available Justin Blackmon, and give Christian Ponder a legit No. 1 wide out.

3. Trade the 3rd pick for multiple picks in the 1st or 2nd round.

A good case can certainly be made for each scenario. If GM Rick Spielman uses the same philosophy he has during free agency, I fully expect the pick to be Kalil…

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