Jacksonville Jaguars Need To Trade Down To Maximize Value In NFL Draft

By Joey Farbo

The Jacksonville Jaguars are in a tough situation in the upcoming NFL Draft.

Most teams in the Jaguars situation need the top 10 pick that they earned by under performing in the previous season, but the Jaguars seem to be the exception this season.

Coming into this year’s NFL Draft, the Jaguars two biggest needs are at wide receiver and defensive end. However, unfortunately for the Jaguars the draft board is not stacking up in their favor.

There are five or six elite prospects in the draft this year, and with the Jaguars currently sitting at the seventh pick it seems unlikely they will be able to get one of those guys.

On top of that, it seems that there are no wide receivers or defensive ends that would provide the Jaguars with value at the seventh pick. This is why the Jaguars have been reportedly been putting out feelers about trading back out of the top 10 picks.

One of the names that has been frequently linked to the Jaguars in mock drafts has been South Carolina’s defensive end Melvin Ingram. While Ingram would certainly address a need for the Jaguars, he does not seem to be a strong scheme fit for the 4-3 defense that the they run.

According to Evan Silva of ProFootballTalk.com, the Jaguars sent a big contingent up to South Carolina’s Pro Day to watch Ingram in an attempt to entice a team that wants him to trade up and get him.

It would almost certainly cost a team like the New York Jets, who are reportedly extremely interested in Ingram, a second round pick to swap first round picks with the Jaguars.

It would be an ideal situation as far as the Jaguars are concerned, because they could still get a pass rusher in the middle of the first round and would be able to take full advantage of the amount of the depth of talent at the wide receiver position available in this draft.

The truth is, the Jaguars need to trade out of the top 10 and pick up an extra second or third round draft pick in order to maximize the value they can get out of this draft. If the Jaguars do get stuck at seven, they may have to reach for a player who fits a need or draft someone who may not fit one of their needs.


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