Will Mike Tannenbaum Do The Right Thing For The New York Jets?

By Akiva Goldenberg

Fans have been waiting nervously throughout this off-season, hoping to get news alleviating their concerns about the New York Jets. Much to the chagrin of the majority of Jets fans, the team hasn’t replaced their right tackle, signed a free safety, or acquired a legitimate number two starting wide receiver.

Also disappointing was the acquisition of Tim Tebow for a fourth round pick, an unnecessary transaction for a luxury rather than a need. Now the Jets have only three picks in the first four rounds of the 2012 NFL Draft, and they have a lot more than three immediate needs. So the question that comes to mind is: will Mike Tannenbaum be willing to trade down, and not up, in order to address as many needs as possible in this draft?

I have a feeling the answer to that question is no. Based on all indications Tannenbaum is actually looking to trade up for a top ten pick in order to get Melvin Ingram, a quality player with versatility but not the elite pass rusher that fans have been calling for. Such a move would require at least giving up the 47th overall pick (second round), if not also the 77th overall pick (third round).

Tannenbaum hasn’t been too successful in the first round of the NFL Draft since selecting Darrelle Revis in 2007. Dustin Keller hasn’t proven himself to be anything more than a one dimensional player, Vernon Gholston was arguably the greatest bust draft pick in Jets history, Mark Sanchez (who was a reach at 5th overall) has struggled, Kyle Wilson has been disappointing in his nickel corner role, and the jury is still out on Muhammad Wilkerson.

After counting all the picks that means the Jets have drafted successfully, in the first round, three times under Mike Tannenbaum, had three questionable/disappointing selections, and one pick that may or may not pan out for the team. In the past three drafts Tannenbaum has only used a total of 12 picks, which means the Jets have tried to address their needs via free agency and trades.

Due to his risk taking approach and emphasis on trying to win now, rather than building for the future, this may be Tannenbaum’s last year as the general manager of the New York Jets. If that turns out to be true, then fans will be even more anxious about their team in 2013.

I recommend that Jets fans that have optimistic hopes, going into this season, take a more pragmatic view of their team, because what I see is a team with a mediocre roster going into the draft with more needs than they could ever hope to address. If you are expecting your beloved J-E-T-S  to win Super Bowl XLVII, then I can almost guarantee that you will be disappointed.


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