2012 NFL Draft: Adam Schefter Makes a Prediction on Vikings No. 3 Pick

This time of year, everyone in and around the NFL has an opinion about the upcoming Draft. There are so many different scenarios and predictions, that it sometimes gets a bit out of control. Of the many voicing their opinions, Adam Schefter is one who many people respect, as they should. Schefter is a football guru, to say the least.

Recently he answered a question about top offensive line prospect Matt Kalil, and the response may surprise a few folks…

“It could be that Kalil falls and if Buffalo wants to go trade up to No. 5 (Tampa Bay) or No. 6 (St. Louis), those teams would be all ears in terms of listening to offers” wrote Schefter.  ”If Buffalo stays where it is, the sense around the league is that the Bills will have their choice between Kuechly or DeCastro and other good players who will be available at that spot. But I like your Kalil idea, Jake. It makes sense to me. The key to that would be Minnesota passing on Kalil, which I happen to believe the Vikings will. I’m in the minority there, and the Vikings are still deciding what to do, but I don’t think Kalil is the lock that others do, even if Minnesota stays at No. 3.”

This resonated with me, as I too have predicted the Minnesota Vikings will take Justin Blackmon, instead of Kalil. Of course this also puts me in the minority, but I stand by my thought that this is a win, win situation for Minnesota. Whether it’s Kalil, Blackmon, or Morris Claiborne, the Vikings still come out ahead. How far ahead? Depends on who you ask…

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  • Ray

    Blackmon vs Kalil. Most self-appointed experts believe that the most important way to protect your QB is to have a franchise LT. Not so.
    There are 5 eligible receivers that tie up 5 defenders. This leaves 5 offensive players to block the remaining 6 defenders. This leaves one defender free to rush the QB…a simple numbers problem. Your LT can not block two defenders at the same time. Only good way to address this is to have a stud WR who demands a double team on every down (e.g. Calvin Johnson). This evens things out…and explains why Atlanta gave up so much to move up and draft J. Jones; not to mention why the former GM of the Lions spent top picks on one WR after another.
    Johnson is the best one man protection any QB could ever hope for.

    • jay

      I agree they need a WR more then they need a LT. but they need to think about help in the CB department to.

  • Mark

    I agree with with you guys. I just hope someone in the head office reads this stuff and they do go after Blackmon. I’ve been saying since day one we should either pick Blackmon, Claiborne, or Richardson. I know you guys are scratching your head about Richardson, but think about it for a minute. Wouldn’t it be great to have a true back up for Peterson that can do what he can’t. Like catch the ball out of the back field, and is also still a threat to run. Not like some of these other guys we put back there. Also to get Harvin out of the back field. But those would be my choices. Blackmon, Richardson, and then Claiborn. Come on Vikings you can’t win if you can’t score.

  • Mike

    claiborne is the next Dioane Sanders. But as we all no the Vikings will pick the LT oh well