Trent Richardson the favorite for St. Louis Rams in upcoming NFL Draft

Much speculation has been made and will continue to be made as to which direction the St. Louis Rams are leaning with the number six overall pick in the upcoming NFL Draft, but there are now reports that the team has a favorite among those available. Most believed that wide receiver would be the club’s main target in this year’s selection, but it seems that running back takes precedence over that spot.

Strangely enough, the one position where the Rams appear to be set at is running back where Steven Jackson has been a steady workhorse during his career. After eight seasons, Jackson has accrued a franchise-record 9,093 yards on the ground and more than 2,500 touches. That suggests that the team has a consistent back capable of carrying the load to most, but to the new staff, that may mean it’s time to move forward at the position.

Jackson will turn 29 in a few months and that is inching closer to the number 30 where most running back’s shelf lives conclude. When asked about aging running backs in an interview with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Head Coach Jeff Fisher said: “You lose a step, you lose the ability to avoid, and then all of a sudden the vision changes and then you start getting hit. Steven is still a very aggressive runner.”

Fisher drafted Chris Johnson during his time with the Tennessee Titans and ran Eddie George hard early in his stint with the club as well. His need for a franchise running back is clear and that could mean drafting Trent Richardson is a real possibility at number six overall if he is still available at that point.

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  • Calvin

    Hmm,let’s see.A team that has historical problems at wide receiver and Linebacker.Ignores these problems and draft’s a running back.This kind of thinking means more cellar dweller years.

    • sinikal

      Calvin you have to take a step back and realize who their head coach is now. And its someone who has a hard on for running backs even in a modern league thats clearly passed them by. Thats pretty much fisher’s m.o. ground and pound style offense. and that would be fine……..if it were 1998. but rams fans will soon see what us titans fans had to put up with for 16 years. and his unwillingness to change will also be the determining factor of him being outcoached every game in a sport that’s become a passing league

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