Vince Young to the Houston Texans Not A Dream Come True

By Eric Droddy

When Vince Young stated in a recent interview that coming home to play in Houston would be a dream come true, surely he was referring to a celebrity fundraiser golf tournament.

The Houston Gamblers haven’t been in town for quite some time and unfortunately, his college eligibility is up, so the University of Houston is out of the question.  Surely he wasn’t talking about fitting in with the Houston Texans? Well, maybe he was.  The good news is, general manager Rick Smith and wwner Bob McNair are much too savvy to make that move.

Granted, Young had an amazing career at Madison High School as a Marlin (the Alma Mater of my own parents by the way). Things got even better for Young on the way to a national championship with the University of Texas.  But his career since then has gone the way of many first-round draft picks before him – unfulfilled potential.  Early on, Young showed signs of fulfilling the hopes that Tennessee Titans owner Bud Adams once had for him while earning the Rookie of the Year award in 2006.  Vince followed that season by leading the Tennessee Titans to a Wild Card berth in 2007.  Since that time, injuries have hampered Young’s performance along with some personality conflicts with then-Titans coach Jeff Fisher.  An even more dismal short stint with the Philadelphia Eagles in the absence of Michael Vick makes Young signing soon an even greater stretch of the imagination than his dreams of playing in Houston.

I must say that this take on Young playing for the Texans (or not playing for them actually) has been very tough for me to rant.  I remember watching video of Young playing at Madison High School.  I remember vividly the excitement I had about the National Championship at the University of Texas and what it meant to the future of the team I loved to root for.  And I also remember the heartache I felt when the Texans passed on him in the NFL Draft and selected Mario Williams.  Things seemed to work out for the Texans though.  They have built an organization committed to and set up for continued long-term success.  It is this thought that makes me very confident Vince Young will not be a Houston Texan.  I love you Vince and wish you the best, just not as the starting QB for the Texans.


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