Washington Redskins Wide Reciever Jabar Gaffney Profane Twitter Tirade Against ‘Soon 2 Be’ Ex-wife

By Eric Haftel

Washington Redskins wide receiver Jabar Gaffney used Twitter to make profane remarks about his wife, former Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Lito Sheppard and anyone in a ‘904, 407 & 703’ code radius who insulted him during his hour-long tirade.

The wide receiver who is coming off of his best season with 68 catches for 947 yards, five touchdowns and 50 first downs, went off against his ‘soon 2 be’ ex-wife in the following tweets:

via @JabarGaffney

While this is absolutely pathetic, he is moving in the right direction, at least he didn’t tell anybody to kill themselves like last year.

Last year, a 25-year-old man from Richmond, Va., sent a message to Gaffney, mocking him for the team’s loss to the Dallas Cowboys, which dropped the ‘Skins to 3-7 on the season. The user, @bam1121, wrote “lmao 3-9” to Gaffney. The wideout quickly responded with these words of wisdom:

via @JabarGaffney

Gaffney is clearly a man of brilliance. The way he speaks is just so eloquent and wise. No, but seriously, somebody needs to tell him to get off Twitter, or at least think before he puts it out there. Don’t the Redskins have a P.R. guy or something? Come on people, throw him a freaking bone here!

Update: It seems my prayers have been answered, as just as I was ready to hit submit, Gaffney sent out several updates, saying his Twitter account was hacked, that he will now delete his Twitter account (THANK GOD), and that he and his significant other “handle our business in house so I respectfully ask u all not to come at me sideways and let me handle my business.”

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