2012 NFL Draft Detroit Lions Should Draft Josh Robinson In 1st Round

By Greg Bolotin

The Detroit Lions should consider drafting cornerback Josh Robinson from Central Florida in the 1st round. After the recent arrest of Nick Fairley and Mikel Leshoure for possession of marijuana.The Lions might be thinking twice about drafting Janoris Jenkins.

Robinson would be a wise choice for the Lions to pick instead. He has all the abilities of Jenkins without all the added baggage. Robinson is a safer choice, but has the makings of being an impact player that will get the Lions to the next level.

With less than two weeks until the NFL draft. The Lions will be going back and forth over how they should use the 23rd pick to improve their team. They know they have obvious areas on defense they have to address. Their offensive line is continuing to get older, and is a concern the Lions will need to focus on either in the later rounds of the 2012 draft or soon after.

After reaching the post season for the first time since 1999. The Lions should put their focus on improving their defense in the early rounds of the draft. Their offense got them to the playoffs, while their defense was a liability that will prevent them from progressing further. Unless they draft or bring in players to address those areas..

Drafting Robinson, who impressed many at the NFL combine with his speed and agility. He will make an instant impact with his abilities to make the plays the Lions were not able to in 2011. His great speed and strong tacking is something Lions need in their efforts to improve in 2012. If the Lions decide to not select Janoris Jenkins in the first round. Josh Robinson will be ready to give the Lions the defensive playmaker they need.

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