Resentment of Tim Tebow Shouldn't Surprise Anyone

By Ryan Wooden

Tim Tebow is a nice guy, there is no denying that. You’d probably happily let him date your daughter or (insert generic vote of confidence in Tebow’s trustworthiness here). However, not everything Tim Tebow does is met with universal approval.

Yes, he’s really excited to be in New York — like really, REALLY EXCITED — but apparently not nearly as excited as some of his former teammates. Specifically the forgotten recipient of that fabled 80-yard touchdown pass in overtime to beat the Steelers in last year’s Wild Card game, Demaryius Thomas.

Thomas went on an Atlanta area sports talk radio program, “The 2 Live Stews”, and was less than complimentary of Tebow’s skills as a passer. However, none of us should really be surprised by any of this.

That’s because Tebow used his fame as a pulpit rather than rightly recognizing the teammates who made that fame possible. Sure, he gave the obligatory praise to his offensive line and his teammates in post-game interviews and press conferences, but rather than taking the time to acknowledge exactly how far his teammates had carried him, he turned the cameras into his podium and the rows of fawning reporters into his pews.

Granted, Tebow’s cause is an undoubtedly noble one, but the amount of exposure he got gave him ample time to do both. You can’t really blame his teammates for taking exception to a term like “Tebow Time”, especially consider it has been jammed down their throats.

And now, with Tebow battling over the “Tebowing” term coined by his fans, things have become increasingly apparent that things are more about Tebow’s “message” than his team. That’s not to say he’s a bad teammate, because he plays hard, but if Tim Tebow truly yearns for a role as one of God’s messengers, than I’d advise he stick with the jam-packed churches — like the one he filled in Texas.

Football and God have been peacefully coexisting for over a century now, but Tim Tebow has given us far too much overlap. Don’t take this as any constitution, or even a declaration, because I’m not calling for the separation of church and football. They’ve been linked since the beginning of football’s existence. Think Hail Mary.

However, when your quarterback can’t figure out if he wants to be Steve Young or Billy Graham, you’ve got a bit of an issue. Then, when those of us in the media are allowed to blow stories out of proportion like they were packed tight with C4, you’ve got — as you can imagine — a bigger, messier problem.

Unfortunately, there is really nothing anyone can do to rein in the media. We’re a bunch of godless heathens. So, the only real alternative would be for Tebow to take it down a notch — simply pick and choose his places.

I doubt it would make him a better football player, and I don’t think it would make him a worse Christian. It would, however, probably make him a better teammate.

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