Terrell Owens Still Bitter Towards Tony Romo Over Departure From Dallas Cowboys

By Dan Parzych

No matter what time of year, it’s never a surprise when Terrell Owens emerges as a hot topic after speaking his mind on a specific issue–no matter what it is. The latest–Owens reminiscing about Tony Romo playing a role in his departure from the Dallas Cowboys following the 2008 season.

During a recent interview with the Ben and Skin Show on ESPN Radio in Dallas, Owens discussed how he hopes to return to the NFL in 2012 after no teams were interested in bringing the controversial wideout on board last season, but it was his comments towards Romo that may have been the most interesting part of the segment. Despite catching 235 passes for 3,587 yards and 38 touchdowns from 2006-08, Jerry Jones and company cut Owens in March 2009 as many believe he became a distraction in the locker room–which seemed to happen a lot with other teams Owens played for.

Think about it–why would any owner cut a player like Owens if he was putting up these types of numbers in three seasons? Clearly, the only explanation

Still, Owens believes that part of the reason why he was forced out of Dallas is because of Romo and after his recent interview–it’s clear he’s still bitter over the incident. Here’s what Owens had to say about Romo courtesy of ProFootballTalk.com’s Michael David Smith:

“With that situation, dude, I’ve kind of lost my respect for that situation,” Owens said. “Man, that’s a guy I shed tears for, I went to bat for. Then obviously, ultimately I’m not in Dallas anymore and I know he definitely had a hand in that. So, again, it’s one of those things that you kind of just have to bite your tongue and keep moving on, you know what I mean?”

Owens also reiterated his past complaints about Romo throwing to his good buddy Jason Witten too much and throwing to Owens not enough.

“I just happened to be one of those guys that really voiced my opinion,” Owens said. “I wasn’t the only one who thought that way. There were games that other guys were open. I wasn’t saying that to get the ball thrown to me a lot more times, I was all about winning. . . . I think if you really ask my teammates that they’ll really convey that and they’ll tell you honestly that’s what I’m about.”

With these types of comments, it’s no surprise Owens hasn’t been part of an NFL team since the 2010 season when he was a member of the Cincinnati Bengals. It’s been over three years since this whole thing took place–so it’s time for Owens to just move on like everyone else.

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