Why Jerry Kramer Deserves To Be Inducted Into NFL Hall Of Fame

Jerry Kramer was a guard and placekicker for the Green Bay Packers from 1958-1968. He fought tooth and nail under legendary head coach Vince Lombardi and has two rings to show for it. Unfortunately, there is still one thing missing from his résumé.

Kramer is the only player from the NFL 50th anniversary team to not be inducted into the Hall of Fame. He has also been a Hall of Fame finalist 10 times, making him the only player to be nominated 10 times without ever being inducted.

With Kramer suiting up at right guard, the Packers went on to win five NFL championships as well as Super Bowl I and Super Bowl II. Kramer’s most famous moment came in the “Ice Bowl” when he was the lead blocker who paved the way for Bart Starr to score the iconic touchdown. Kramer was selected to the Pro Bowl three times, the First-Team All-Pro five times and is a member of the NFL 1960s All-Decade Team.

Kramer meant everything to the Packers as he was Lombardi on the field. The famous Packers Power Sweep was run with Kramer paving the way on every down. He made so many important plays in Green Bay’s rich football history it is not wonder he was instantly inducted into the Packers Hall of Fame. Kramer had 22 surgeries in 11 seasons as well as a 23rd surgery after he retired. He has given it all and then some to the game of football.

After football Kramer became a very successful author. He wrote the best-seller Instant Replay after the 1967 season, one year before he would retire. He went on to write Farewell to Football, Lombardi: Winning Is the Only Thing (shortly after the coach passed away) and Distant Replay. In 2005, Kramer released a CD set titled Inside the Locker Room, which included Lombardi’s address to his players after the team won Super Bowl II. It would be his last address he would ever give as the head coach of the Packers.

Kramer is an accomplished man that has done his part to honor the NFL and his Packer teammates in every way a person can. At the very least, the NFL should welcome him with open arms by officially inducting him into the Hall of Fame. All the players Kramer has played with and against are there just waiting for him to join them. It is simply not right that the NFL Seniors committee have yet to properly acknowledge his achievements.

President of NFL Films Steve Sabol, whose father Ed Sabol was just inducted into the Hall of Fame last year, has stated Kramer is the best player to not be decorated in Canton. Hall of Fame Vice President Joe Horrigan has gone on record saying 25 percent of the mail they receive every day is regarding Kramer and what it will take to get him inducted.

If you are a Packer fan or a fan of football in general you have to agree Kramer deserves this honor. There are several ways to propel his name to the top of the list and force the hand of the NFL Seniors committee.

Use twitter as an advantage to get your voice heard. Jerry’s daughter Alicia Kramer is currently leading the charge in hopes of getting her father inducted into the Hall of Fame while he is still alive to see it happen. Make sure to use @JerryKramer4HOF when sending out a tweet.

Another way to help Kramer’s cause is by signing a petition to get his name noticed. Also, make sure to visit the official Jerry Kramer for Pro Football Hall of Fame website to learn more about Kramer and the movement to get him inducted.

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  • Lou

    Hopefully we won’t have a Ron Santo situation where everyone knows he is a Hall of Fame player but is selected after he passes. What has hurt him and Dave Robinson is the fact that so many of the Lombardi era players have made it to Canton and the fact that in head to head matches twice a year with the Lion’s Alex Karras for some reason he always came out on the short end and because of Karra’s name recognition this has been blown out of proportion. As great as Kramer was I still believe the recently passed Gayle Gillingham was the best guard I have ever seen, just ask Dick Butkus who the one man he feared was. Again, circumstances play big, Gillingham came in the later Lombardi years and wound up on poor teams from that point on. Speaking of recognition, I still believe the Packer’s should “officially” retire Paul Hornung’s #5 before Favre’s #4 as deserving as Favre is. The coach with his name on the Super Bowl Trophy said. “as long as I am here no one will ever wear $5 again”. Enough said.

    • Michael Terrill

      I completely agree with you that Jerry Kramer is being hurt by the fact so many Lombardi-era players are already in the Hall of Fame. However, I still believe his accomplishments on the field make him very deserving of the honor.

      I think officially retiring Paul Hornung’s #5 is very appropriate. I believe retiring his number before Favre’s is also appropriate, but they better do it soon as Favre’s will be retired within the next four years. There is no question Hornung deserves the prestigious honor.

  • Dick Hess

    Incredible that this guard who was the primary basis of the legendary “Packer Sweep” would not have been inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame long ago.

    • Michael Terrill

      It truly is incredible. Hopefully, it will happen within the next few years so Jerry can see it happen in person.