Dallas Cowboys Plan For Washington Redskins-RG3 Scenario

By Ricky Allen

The Dallas Cowboys and the Republican Party have one thing in common: They plan ahead.

The Republican Party knows it’s quite obvious that Mitt Romney will be their nominee, and the Dallas Cowboys are assuming that Jim Irsay will not catch a wild hair and select Robert Griffin III.

Therefore, they’re preparing for him, as they should.  The Dallas Cowboys are to the Washington Redskins what “Smokin” Joe Frazier was to Muhammad Ali,  Lex Luther to Superman, Cobra to G.I. Joe.  In fact, I was waiting for them to say something about how the Redskins have been regrouping this off season into something special.

Why? Because they can’t help themselves.  All I hear is how things are “bigger in Texas” and how you “Don’t mess with Texas”. And that’s the reason you’re a Cowboys fan.

So the Redskins presumably will get RG3, and now we see the worry come out of the Cowboys nation. In fact, just as the Republican Party is doing right now with planning on how to beat President Obama in the upcoming presidential election, the Cowboys are planning on how they can defend against RG3.

The answer, according to the Cowboys’ Cowboys’ chief operating officer and director of player personnel Stephen Jones, is Brandon Carr and DeMarcus Ware.

In an interview with the Dallas Morning News, he said, “A young player like RG3, if we can get pressure on guys like that, I think it effects their accuracy, I think it effects their productivity and I think it will allow us to have success against them.’’

Isn’t that the case for any quarterback? Look at what the New York Giants have done to the New England Patriots?(Don’t gasp at that comment– you know the Patriots were found suspect…) Both Eli Manning and Tom Brady are veterans of the game. I think what Jones is trying to say is “If we can shake up the kid with some veteran defense pressure, he’ll get thrown off his game.”

Will he?

When the Redskins played Dallas Week 3 of the 2011 Season, Ware had one sack, and 3 tackles.  Fast forward to Week 11 where he had two tackles and one sack.

I think Jones may have jumped the shark on his thoughts.

Jones considers Ware an “elite pressure player”, but these numbers, in comparison with the revisions made to the Redskins O-Line this season, will be nothing more than a blip on the radar and not the game changer it was last year against Rex Grossman’s game-deciding blunder fumble  in Week 3.

Let’s face it, the Cowboys will need more than Ware.

Brandon Carr?  Carr is a guy that performs better outdoors and in mild weather. I’ll give him until the late Fall/Winter season to get “owned” and to realize he’s not in Kansas City anymore.

Dallas, keep adding thoughts to the drawing board, eventually a plan will form.






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